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Summer Sale! Buy One Flag Get One Flag 50% Off With Code BOGO50 At Checkout!
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American Wood Flags

Veteran Made.  Portsmouth, Rhode Island.


The 1776 Flag Company

American Wooden Flag
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We specialize in Veteran made, heirloom quality American wooden flags.  We offer a variety of styles, sizes, and options to choose from with new products added regularly.

Our flags are proudly American; hand made by an American Patriot with tools and materials sourced right here in the United States.

With a focus on character driven quality and attention to detail, the flags made by the 1776 Flag Company are second to none in design, quality, and experience.

Veteran Made American Flags

The American Veteran, committed to our nation and its people. Dedicated to uphold a legacy with respect to our American heritage. A bearer of American pride, fortified through an understanding of where we came from, what we stand for, and whats at risk should we fail.

They are the 1% of a nation who would raise a hand in defense of freedom. A quality of life through an ideology; made real through the actions and sacrifices made by the Americans that came before them.

This quality of character is unique, it is embraced through action with proven results.  Motivated and driven with an iron will and desire to push themselves physically and mentally to extremes.  A strive for perfection, accompanied by an unmatched knack for attention to detail.  

The wooden American flags crafted by The 1776 Flag Company reflect quality, produced through character; resulting in a product of stunning unique artistry in honor of our American heritage.

Army American Split Flag
Veteran Owned & Operated Graphic

How American Wood Flags Are Made

Inspection.  Fingers run over the solid pine panel in front of me, a notice of imperfection; an accounting of unique features and grain flow.  A beauty of moldable, natural creation; ready to be transformed.  Destined for something special, a journey before it; a work of art will become of it.

American Wood Flag
1776 American Wood Flag

A repetitious process, thirteen stripes will be carved into it along with a union.  An appreciation of material can be felt as the smell of fresh cut pine fills the air.  With each pass a noticeable transformation begins to take place, building on the previous, as the detail begins to form.  Each carve is inspected, there is meaning and purpose in every stripe; it must be perfect.  This time belongs to the wood, what will follow belongs to the American legacy.

A brush, light with red stain runs across the first stripe.  Through careful edging my mind begins to wander; to a place I have never left, a war-torn foreign soil that forever pulls me in.

A reenactment of events pour over my thoughts.  A time and place relived; a remembrance of friends, my brothers; heroes who shared a belief in freedom, and some who gave all in blood.  Respect.  

Therapeutic.  An opportunity to accept.  An opportunity to heal.  A reflection of thoughts that now rests on the red, white and blue before it.  A reinforcement of the good that we have done, of the people that we have helped;  of a nation that we can be proud of.

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We are on a mission to encourage entrepreneurship in the military community. We help product based Veteran-Owned companies grow their businesses by connecting them with freedom loving patriots who support the military and the movement to buy products Made in the U.S.A.

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Call Us: 401-828-6983


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Years after continued conflict, the 1% of our nation who have laid it all on the line in defense of freedom; the emblematic representation of what our nation’s colors represent, die at an unprecedented rate.  Known as “The 22”, our nation’s Veterans who served voluntarily in an effort to push forward a nation’s objective to defeat terrorism continue to struggle and cope with the past experiences they have endured.

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Character Driven Quality

When passion and patriotism combine, it results in a level of artistry second to none.

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Veteran Made

Every wooden American flag made by the 1776 Flag Company is crafted by a Combat Veteran.

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Made In USA

Every material, tool, and resource used in the creation of our American flags is sourced right here in the USA.