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Mission:  Veteran Suicide Prevention


Years after continued conflict, the 1% of our nation who have laid it all on the line in defense of freedom; the emblematic representation of what our nation’s colors represent, die at an unprecedented rate.

Known as “The 22”, our nation’s Veterans who served voluntarily in an effort to push forward a nation’s objective to defeat terrorism continue to struggle and cope with the past experiences they have endured.  Returning home to an unfamiliar present, war attrition continues to claim the lives of 22 Veterans each day.

Finding themselves often alone and without solid support, Veterans “numb” themselves in an effort to mask and suppress the demons they no longer wish to face.  The instinct to fight overpowers the need to heal and souls which are already torn, become ripped apart leading to the destruction and death of our nation’s heroes by their own hands.



From the post war ranks of the men of the 101st Airborne Division’s 3rd Battalion 327th Infantry Regiment “Battle Force”, the BattleForged Nation was born.

Comprised of men who spearheaded operations during the invasion of Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, who collectively participated in over one-thousand combat operations; the men of Battle Force returned home to fight a war on a different front.

For many, internal conflict and post-traumatic stress symptoms plagued daily life and routine.  With the assistance of social media, a platform was created.  The ranks of Battle Force quickly came together, establishing communications and accountability within the unit on a battalion level (over 600 Veterans) in just a few weeks.

Through private channels and a closed circuit group, the men of Battle Force were able to come forward and share their stories with the fellow veterans they served with.  Empowered with the ability to share, the weight carried on their chests began to lift, enabling the process of healing to take place.

One by one men came forward, snowballing into a movement leading to proven results.  A mission taken on by one unit is now a mission that spans across our nation.  With a reach that runs deep into the ranks of each military branch, who serves Veterans of all conflicts; the BattleForged Nation stands ready to assist our nation’s heroes.


BattleForged Nation (BFN) is a nonprofit organization that serves our nation’s Veterans with clear marching orders:


Incorporating a network that is comprised of over 12,000 active Veterans and Veteran supporters, the Nation creates a blanket of support that covers the entire United States.  BFN representatives are in each state creating a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) of Veterans ready to assist other Veterans in distress

HELP – Understanding the power of Veteran to Veteran support, it is within BFN’s mission to identify and investigate situations regarding distressed Veterans. 

HEAL – Once a situation is identified, BFN aims to establish contact then assess the distressed Veterans needs and either provide support or direct them to the appropriate resource(s) all the while walking beside them during this journey.

SHARE – BFN is Veterans taking care of Veterans and once the healing process is complete and the Veteran is ready, BFN will ask that they pay it forward by using their experience to help other Veterans in distress.

Veterans take care of each other when deployed, and they do the same when they come home; the mission has never changed.


BattleForged Nation serves as a Veteran outreach alternative, the network is comprised of Veteran members spanning countless professions and positions.  All the Veterans and Veteran Supporters are volunteers who provide and ear to listen and guide the distressed Veteran to the right resource at no cost to the veteran.

BFN maintains the position of an alternative outlet to find help and resources that are needed in order to maintain a stable and healthy well-being.  When an emergency arises, BFN works to have boots on the ground within hours to support the veteran in need.  BFN representatives provide immediate support and direct connection to available resources.

As a Veteran of the famed Battle Force and a member of BattleForged nation I have chosen to use my business to support the mission to:


If you are able to help our cause, donations can be made here

If you would like to join our cause, check us out here.

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