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About Us | 1776 Flag Company

The 1776 Flag Company was founded by former U.S Army Infantry Sergeant Tim Berry in 2017 as a therapeutic and positive outlet in healing an ongoing battle with PTSD. Tim served with the 3rd Battalion (Battle Force) 327th Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

Sgt. Berry deployed to Iraq during the initial invasion of 2003 "Operation Iraqi Freedom" from Camp Pennsylvania Kuwait and would continue to assault north through An Najaf, Al Kufa, Karbala, Baghdad, Qayyarah West, and Mosul.

During his time in Iraq, the men of Battle Force would conduct over one thousand combat operations; most notably "Operation Tapeworm" which lead to the demise of Saddam Huessein's two sons Udai and Qusay.

For Tim, the 1776 Flag Company is more than a business – it's a tribute to those who have served and a celebration of the enduring values that define our great nation.

Established with a profound commitment to honor the spirit of freedom with respect to our fallen, the pride he takes in creating veteran made handcrafted wooden American flags embody the essence of patriotism in its truest sense.

Tim Berry Bio Photo
Sgt Tim Berry Iraq 2003
Operation Tapeworm 3-327 Infantry

Operation Tapeworm

July 22, 2003 Mosul Iraq
Operation Tapeworm National Infantry Museum

National Infantry Museum

Gallery 6 Operation Tape Worm
Columbus, GA

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When passion and patriotism combine, it results in a level of artistry second to none.

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Every wooden American flag made by the 1776 Flag Company is crafted by a Combat Veteran.

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Discover the pride of ownership with our handcrafted wooden American flags, meticulously made in the USA by skilled veterans at the 1776 Flag Company.